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The primary goal of Life Millionaires is to take years and years of experience, gathered from many different millionaires, from many different walks of life. To simplify their success and produce an education program that uplifts those who enlist. An education program that teaches you to work smart and not hard, an education program that simplifies complex financial problems, an education program that teaches you how to use debt to get out of debt, an education program that helps you understand why consumers (you and me) spend money, why we buy products and services. An education program that shows you what Marketing Agencies around the world do to manipulate us into spending our money.

An education program that will make you the smartest person in the room, every time. An education program that will show you how to make a Million Dollars.

Main Features

  • Self paced training, do what you can, when you can
  • Success in business is 80% mental and 20% physical
  • Learn to work smart, not hard.
  • Resolves complex financial problems with simple rational concepts
  • Become a great business leader through simplified education
  • Get taught to think differently, act differently, and respond differently
  • Learn to control your money, not let money control you
  • Learn to use Debt, to get out of Debt
  • Become a Millionaire

What is the target audience?

  • To change anything in life, requires the desire to change.
  • Are you tiered of just getting by, do you believe you deserve more.
  • Are you willing to make hard decisions like a Millionaire

The Life Millionaires course will change your life, set you on a new direction, provide you with simple terms for complicated financial challenges. Provide you with the tools you need to be successful. Help you take control of your financial situation and your debt. Give you the support you need to become a Millionaire.

Life Millionaires - Theory Lectures

Introduction to Life Millionaires
1 Week
Millionaire Mindset
1 Week
Understanding Debt
1 Week
Start Up Funding
1 Week
Accounting for Millionaires
1 Week
Your Elective
1 Week
Setting Up for Success
1 Week
Sales Strategy
1 Week
Marketing Strategy
1 Week
Customer Service
1 Week

Life Millionaires - Practical Lectures

Trade Up from $100
2 Weeks
Trade Up from $1,000
3 Weeks
Trade Up from $10,000
3 Weeks
Trade Up from $100,000
3 Weeks
Trade Up from $500,000
4 Weeks

Who should take the online course?
People with a desire to change their financial circumstances

Are there prerequisites or language requirements?
The course is delivered in English

When does the course start?
The course is delivered online and completed at your own pace using video tutorials, you connect and ask questions with the lecturers via email. The course starts once payment is made and access stops 12 months from the date of purchase

How long is the course?
The course is 12 months, most students take 2 weeks to complete the theory and 6 months to complete the practical

A friend said he made over a million dollars is this true?
In the practical course, students work through a program designed for Life Millionaires, to graduate the practical course, each student must make over $1million. You keep the money you make, so the statement is true.

How much does the course cost?
The Life Millionaires training course costs $999.00, on top of this each student invests $100 as they start the practical course, students learn to rapidly grow that $100 investment using the Life Millionaires program.

What if I only want to make $100,000?
There are hundreds of students that use the Life Millionaire Program for Debt recovery, or for the purchase of a new car, or paying off their mortgage. Students don’t have to graduate the Life Millionaires course, many stop the program at any stage, once they achieve their financial goals.

Course updates? How often?
The course content is updated every 3 months with additional information, learnings and testimonials. If students discover great new ideas that are working well throughout the world these are shared online.

How do I register?
Click on the sign-up icon to register, no payment is made when you register so its completely free, you will only be promoted for payment once you select your course.

When should I register?
The course is 12 months of self-paced tutorials, take the first step to becoming a millionaire by registering online, once you have registered you can select a course and make the online payments.

Making Payments? What If I’m not satisfied?
We provide online education and lecture-based assistance, payments are made before the commencement of the course. If you are unable to complete the course for any reason please emails the accounts team at Life Millionaires

Do you provide financial assistance or payment plan?
We can assist with a payment plan that works for you? Please talk to our Accounts Team online.

Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend my online course?
The course is self-paced training, if you require assistance or need additional time, please contact Administration for assistance we are here to help.

How do I access my course?
Log on using your own login details and access the course, the online course holds or last position in the tutorial so you can pick up from where you left off once you log back in. You can go back to any of the videos during the 12-course window.

How long is the course?
The course takes between 3-12 months to complete, your access to tutorials and practice course material stops after 12 months from the date of purchase.

How does online learning work?
Online learning is self-paced education using video tutorials, the practical course gives you examples that other students have done to set the context of what needs to take place during each practical tutorial

Do I need specific equipment to take the online course?

How do I contact technical support?
Support is available 24/7 via the online chat icon, or you can email your lecturer online.

Do I need to buy textbooks?

What if I'm away for a few days?
The course is self-paced, so you work at your own pace, noting that there is a time limit of 12 months on the course.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
There are a number of people available to assist you, online technical support via the online chat icon, email support which is 24/7 and then each group of student is assigned a lecturer, your lecturer will provide you with an email contact, the lectures are here to ensure you successfully understand the content, and requirements.

Productivity Hacks to Get More Done in 2018

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  1. Facebook News Feed Eradicator (free chrome extension) Stay focused by removing your Facebook newsfeed and replacing it with an inspirational quote. Disable the tool anytime you want to see what friends are up to!
  2. Hide My Inbox (free chrome extension for Gmail) Stay focused by hiding your inbox. Click "show your inbox" at a scheduled time and batch processs everything one go.
  3. Habitica (free mobile + web app) Gamify your to do list. Treat your life like a game and earn gold goins for getting stuff done!

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Duration: 3-12 Months Self Paced Training
Lectures: 15
Video: 50 hours
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